Revolutionize your Point of Sale.

Transform your Point of Sale with a modern, simple & secure way to accept every form of payment. The Animal Register powered by PayAnywhere Storefront is a free tablet, stand with integrated EMV / MagStripe credit card readers, USB receipt printer & electronic cash drawer.


Animal Register Features

Supported Credit Cards and Operating Systems
A collection of tools to streamline your business

Free Equipment

PayAnywhere gets you in business FAST and gives you free equipment with your storefront. This includes a tablet, stand w/built-in card readers, electronic cash drawer, USB printer, and PayAnywhere POS Software!

Free Set-up & Training

Once your equipment arrives, a technician will contact you to load your menu items, inventory & provide training. It's simple, it's easy, it's free!

EMV Compliance Simplified

EMV Compliance Simplified

We will never try to up sell you on EMV compliance, all equipment is free with PayAnywhere including free overnight replacement.

Consolidate Critical Business Tasks

The Animal Register consolidates inventory, analytics with cloud-based reporting that tells you what, where, and when your customers are purchasing.

No Cancellation Fees

There are NO cancellation fees with the Animal Register. You may cancel at anytime!

Outstanding Merchant Support

Have questions or need equipment replaced? No problem! We have free next day replacement & Live Support!


Animal Register Pricing

The Animal is much more than just a way to get paid. From our free equipment placement program, seamless checkout experience to faster funding and detailed real-time analytics, PayAnywhere provides you with the information you need to make smart business decisions for the weeks, months and years to come.

  • Competitive Processing Rates
    Accept Payments from all Major Credit Cards

    Swiped (usually) 1.09% + $0.03
    Business (sometimes) 2.09% + $0.03
    Keyed (rarely) 2.49% + $0.03

  • Equipment Service Fees

    Tablet, Stand, EMV/Mag readers & Printer: $8.95/Month
    Tablet, Stand, EMV/Mag readers, Printer & Cash Drawer: $13.95/Month


Featured in the Press

  • "Apple Pay is coming to a food truck near you...with PayAnywhere."

    -via CNN

  • "Apple, in the war over the consumer wallet...now work(s) with PayAnywhere."

    -via CNBC

  • "Apple Pay partners up with PayAnywhere."

    -via Bloomberg

You're in good company.

PayAnywhere is trusted by these Brands and hundreds of thousands more!

PayAnywhere is a division of North American Bancard that currently provides payment services to over 250,000 businesses nationwide including some of the most recognizable companies in the country.

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